Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am so aware of all the things I take for granted when healthy. I called the nurse and asked if I could go swimming. (Why am I asking for permission--I am a grown woman?) I am still a little concerned about the toe. And unfortunatly it is not fully healed--it still bleeds a little. She said no. She explained that it is a public pool and you never know what kind of bacteria there is that might infect it. This reminds me of the little elephant Tantor in "Tarzan" who when told by his mother to come into the watering hole said "but, what about all the bacteria". Here is a link to that clip.

So I am going to sit by the pool and read the next chapter in "When Sinners Say I Do". Instead of focusing on getting my body in shape, I suppose I'll focus on getting my heart into shape.

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