Sunday, March 22, 2009

Superglue--Part 2

About 2 months ago I went on vacation, upon returning I realized I really didn't have a good dresser to put my clothes away in. So I just didn't. I laid the suitcase next to my bed.

Friday I found the perfect dresser and decided to rearrange our bedroom to accomodate it. The suitcase I had lying next to my bed ended up against the corner soaking tub. I then piled more clothes on top of the suicase next to the tub.

Saturday our daughter (didn't) take a nap in our room. She painted the tub instead with my make-up. Since she's not allowed to nap in our room and she did it while I was gone I not so politly asked Nate to help her clean it up. While they were cleaning it up they opened up the window shades.

Fast Forward to bedtime. I noticed the shades were open so I hopped into the dry tub, shut them (yes I was a little annoyed that they were open) and hopped back out. On my way out of the tub my right big toe caught one of the suitcase wheels. Ouch--no big deal right? Not!--upon further examination I had a nickel size flap of skin hanging from the bottom of my big toe. I literally whispered "help". Nate came over and headed out for a bandaid. Meanwhile I am lying on our bedroom floor with my foot resting on the doorway into the bathroom--so the blood would slow down and only drip on the tile--not on the carpet. He genlty placed the flap back in place, put some ointment on it and two bandaids. We went to bed. I kept thinking--this is going to bleed through, so I put on socks. I was still thinking--this is going to bleed through. Well it did. So I headed downstairs and called the ER. Instead of waking up my husband I quietly escorted myself to the hospital.

So the nurse washed it and the docter superglued it and I came home (actually I stopped at walmart for some coughdrops, I really should have bought some Ibuprofen). I rolled into bed at 2 am and couldn't sleep due to pain. Around 5am Hannah--my oldest--came in with a tummy ache--thankfully due to hunger. I cut up a pear for her and found some Ibuprofen in a drawer. It is then that I was finally able to fall asleep.

I think Superglue would be a nice addition to our first-aid kit.


  1. Hey Trina, Welcome to blogland. I hope your toe feels better soon. Ouch!

  2. Waiting for your call after your second trip to ER, my dear - hope all is well. :)