Sunday, March 22, 2009

Superglue--Part 1

Tuesday am--my day to help Nate in the office--I hear a knock on the bathroom door. "Mom, Elli's bleeding and Emily needs you." I threw on my pink bathroom and ran down stairs. In the process of helping Emily with the dishes she cut herself on a knife. Elli is 13 mo old and Emily is our pt nanny. I then called Nate upstairs and during all the flaling of this child, it took 3 adults to get two bandaids on her. Not knowing how bad it was I took her to the Dr. It once again took 3 adults to figure out the damages--two stab wounds to her index finger. So what is the solution? Superglue and sutures.

How do you explain to a 13 month old that they get ice cream if they hold still? How in the world was I able to keep it together? I was glad when it was all over and in the peace and quiet of my van I was able to shed a few tears.

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