Tuesday, May 5, 2009

coffee and children

Today was Hannah's field trip. In my rush to get our lunches made I wasn't really paying attention to Elli. I found her eating the outside of a banana. So I just stuck her in her high chair and pushed her up to the counter, opened up the banana and let her eat it. I then left. I got into the van and headed off to Hannah's field trip. Half-way there I got a call from Nate.

Nate: Do you know where you left your coffee?

Trina: (why is he asking me, does he want some?) Ummmm? Yeah... On the counter...

Nate: Yep.. She drank half of it and dumped the rest on herself. She want's more, she won't take her bottle. I think she's getting a little jittery.

Trina: Whoops!

Nate: That's it see you later.

Trina: (oh man I only had a half cup of coffee--how am I going to make it through the field trip)

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